September is International Balloon Month 2018 #LiftUpSomebody Campaign and Contest

International Balloon Month was created to affirm the world’s ongoing love and enjoyment of balloons. The celebration also coincides with the September 22nd birthday of scientist Michael Faraday, who invented the first rubber balloon in 1824. 

The #LiftUpSomebody campaign, sponsored by TBC, challenges people across the globe to make an ordinary September day extraordinary for a caregiver, veteran, police officer, cancer survivor or even a stranger by lifting them up with a balloon and a smile.

Participants are then asked to share their photos using the #LiftUpSomebody on social media and to promote Smart Balloon Practices by sharing the motto: “Don’t let go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy.”

In addition, schools and community youth organizations are encouraged to take part in the “Faraday Pledge” card challenge to see which group can get the most pledges filled out by Sept. 30.  

Photos using #LiftUpSomebody that are shared with our Facebook or Instagram page will be automatically entered into our annual photo competition.  Click here to see the 2017 winners.

The categories are:

  • Best Community Outreach Photo
  • Best Smart Balloon Practices/Faraday’s Tips Photo
  • Most Creative International Balloon Month #LiftUpSomebody  Photo
  • Most Heartfelt Photo

Photos will be accepted until October 15. Photos can also be submitted via e-mail to

Winners will be featured on this website, the Facebook page, and announced at the FLOAT 2019 balloon convention.

Balloon Industry Participants Note:  The free #LiftUpSomebody marketing kits are not available this year.  However, if you are hosting an educational or community events and would like Smart Balloon Practices materials please contact Lorna O’Hara, or call 1-800- 233-8887.

Faraday’s Pledge Card Challenge

All schools and community youth groups are invited to participate in the challenge.  Please download the pledge cards and have your youth members sign them.  Post them on a bulletin board or wall and take a photo (we would love to have your members in the photo too!) and tell us how many cards were signed.  Include your organization name and city/state and a contact person.

To enter share them wiht TBC’s social media site using the hashtag #BeBalloonSmart.  Or submit by email to, or by mail to The Balloon Council, 160 West State Street, Trenton, N.J. 08608.

NOTE: There is also a youth pledge card challenge for Balloon Friends/Balloon-Related businesses. Follow the same procedures.

All entries are due by Oct. 30, 2018.

Faraday Pledge Card (Single 3×5)

Faraday Pledge Card (4 to a page 8.5 x 11)