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The Balloon Council is proud to once again sponsor the #LiftUpSomebody Photo Contest in recognition of International Balloon Month, September 1-30, 2020.

Balloons have played an even more important role in our lives than usual this year by becoming a symbol of hope, survival, and community spirit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  Showcasing how balloons have been used to spread joy during this difficult time and encouraging the public to give balloons to support and “thank” those who have made a difference in their local communities will be the focus of the 2020 International Balloon Month #LiftUpSomebody Campaign and Photo Contest. 

The campaign encourages people to “lift up” those around them using the positive power of balloons and then post and share those images on social media platforms using the hashtag #LiftUpSomebody. The best images will be awarded prizes from balloon industry sponsors.

Images must use #LiftUpSomebody and be shared to The Balloon Council Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (@balloonsliftup).  Photos can also be submitted to beballoonsmart@gmail.com.   

Don’t forget to promote the #BeBalloonSmart Pledge!   Click the button below to take the pledge now!  

To ensure that your entry is received and that we can contact you if you are a winner, please fill out this Google form

Photo Contest categories include:

  • Community

  • Heroes

  • Home

  • Family

  • Smart Balloon Practices (See below)

The best images will be awarded prizes from balloon industry sponsors.

The Smart Balloon Practices category challenges people to use photos or short videos (using #BeBalloonSmart) that demonstrate how to use and dispose of balloons properly based on TBC’s five tips, to help keep our planet green.

You can also enter by having as many people as possible sign the #BeBalloonSmart Pledge.

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Click here for Children

BeBalloonSmart Pledge

TBC is proud to partner with the following sponsors

Donation of balloons.
Donation of balloons.
Donation of balloons.
Donation of inflation equipment.
Donation of HIFloat & HISHINE.