meet faraday


The Official SpokesBalloon for Smart Balloon Practices

What is TBC’s Stance on Balloon Releases? 
“Don’t let go: Inflate. Weight. Enjoy.”
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PHOTOS of  Faraday’s Road Trip Adventures

Raritan River Festival 

Woodbine Children’s Carnival

Liberty Science Center

Who is Faraday?

What is Faraday’s Mission?

Faraday, named for the famed inventor of the balloon, is traveling America to spread the word about smart balloon practices for children and their families.



Smart Tips for Balloon Use

“Please secure me with a weight.”

“Please don’t let me fly into the air and become litter —
 I don’t want to get trapped in a tree or on power lines.”

“I love kids. Young children with balloons should always be monitored.”
[Children under eight (8) years of age can choke
or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons]

“If I am deflated or popped, properly discard me.

“Despite the funny voice helium can give you,
it should never be inhaled.”